Is It Time For A Change?

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Is It Time For A Change

Is it time for a change?

There is a lot going on in our world at the moment, and our world of work is continuing to change rapidly. It has been changing for many years now, but sometimes it’s only when we stop for a moment to look, that we see it.

It’s often in these moments that we also find ourselves taking a look at where we are at personally. Sometimes we find that the area of work we are currently in isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be. Maybe we are just looking for a change.  Or in some areas of work it is disappearing for now.

Sectors like hospitality, tourism and healthcare will undoubtedly return but they may well look very different to what we were previously accustomed to – and let’s face it, jobs are threatened.

Therefore, this present time may be a good time to take a look at where your future is and start planning for it. Taking small steps to start expanding knowledge to open up more possibilities.

Logistics, Transport and Supply Chains

The one sector that has grown not only in size but in our appreciation of its’ importance is that of logistics, transport and supply chains.  We should be proud of our track record in this and how it has performed.  Without logistics there would be no supply.

There is no doubt that opportunities in this sector will expand. Our change in shopping habits has put even greater reliance on the effectiveness of supply chains, so why not think about the possibility of moving into this fast-moving, technology-driven sector.

CILT (UK) Level 1 Award in Logistics and Transport

You can start your learning at the basic level and build.  The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport professional qualifications start at entry level – the Level 1 Award in Logistics and Transport.  This covers an Introduction to Logistics, as well as Transport and Distribution in Logistics.  This is also supported by an Introduction to Business Communication.

It is a broad qualification and offers an accessible and simple first step on the ladder of new career opportunities in the changing world.  Even if you have not done any learning for a long time or are nervous and lacking in confidence, this is the place to start – easing your way in.

If you are already working in the sector – perhaps in a warehouse or driving – then the Level 1 course could offer you the next step up the ladder and broaden your understanding of the industry beyond your part in it!

The assessment for this course is via written assignments and online quizzes, there are no exams and you get the opportunity to resubmit assignments after feedback from us if required.

More information on our CILT (UK) Level 1 Award in Logistics and Transport can be found HERE. Click on the pdf symbol in the course summary section to access the course information document.


There is a clear progression route following on from this entry level qualification – through the various levels right up to a strategic level.  We also have short award courses at Level 3 in more specialised subjects if you are already in the industry – Green Logistics, Global Logistics, Warehousing and Inventory. These are good stepping stones within this industry sector.

So now is the time to take the chance.

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