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level 3 award courses

Level 3 Award Courses in Green Logistics, Global Logistics, Warehousing, Inventory and Facilities Management

Now is the time to think about your future and the opportunities arising.  Logistics, transport, facilities and supply chain management are hugely important sectors at any time but even more so currently.

We offer a number of Level 3 Award courses, which are often overlooked. Award-sized qualifications are short programmes – often achievable in a few weeks. They are still however full qualifications, recognised by the Government and employers alike and are therefore a great way to kick start new learning for new opportunities.  Much less daunting than committing to months of study and exams, especially if you’ve not studied for some time. They are also a good lead in to continuing with a longer qualification if you would like to.

Our Awards are awarded by reputable awarding organisations, internationally recognised and they are focussed on specific key areas.  This means that they are not only a great way of easing yourself into learning – perhaps if you are already in the logistics, transport or facilities industries, or for other staff for familiarisation, such as those working in these industries in administration, HR, IT, finance or marketing perhaps.

They are also great add-ons to existing qualifications or study to expand understanding.

The Level 3 Award programmes from The Business School are delivered via our highly renowned Virtual Learning Environment – this means you can study anywhere, any time.  You get full expert tutor support and there is further good news in that there are no exams!  You only need to complete one assignment per CILT (UK) Award and two for the IWFM Facilities Management Award. You get the chance to submit drafts and resubmissions, so your chance of success is very, very high – our achievement rate is 100% for assignments submitted.

There are no entry requirements except motivation and a fairly good standard of English.  However, they are also great ways to progress from a Level 2 qualification such as an apprenticeship or GCSEs.

Areas covered include Green Logistics (of huge significance currently), Global Logistics (who has not failed to recognise the significance of this), Warehousing and Inventory, as well as an Introduction to Facilities Management which includes a focus on Customer Service.

And the final piece of good news is that we are reducing the price of our Awards programmes from 1st September – you could save up to a whopping 47% on our previous prices.

More information on our CILT (UK) Level 3 Award courses is found HERE, and our IWFM Level 3 Award in Facilities Management HERE. Each course has an information document attached in the courses summary section. Click on the PDF icon to view.

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