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‘This unit has helped me develop my commercial awareness by how setting clearly defined targets will give motivation to people within an organisation in order to measure their progression towards the set of targets.’

‘This unit has enlightened me into managerial roles and different aspects involved in it. It has prepared me well for my career and the future.’

‘This is a great course, the format is easy to follow and in a logical order and has actually helped me put some of the things in my day to day job into practice. I look forward to completing this course and hopefully starting some more courses on here.’

‘All the unit content is relevant to my day to day work. I should encourage my mates to get on the course.’

‘Brilliant feedback and advice throughout all phases of signing up, and modules, couldn’t recommend it more very easy to follow.’

‘Some of the topics in the assignment were brand new to me, however the information in the learning materials were fantastic and guided me through.’

‘Also, I can’t fault the assistance I received from Helen. She was always there to answer any queries I had and provided as much help as possible.’

‘This unit has really prepared me for the challenges in the future. It has also helped me with the tools to mange supply chain any where in the world.’

‘I did my level 3 and then went on to do my level 5. The amount of help I received from my tutor was amazing and what I learnt linked to my military environment perfectly.’

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