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“Having completed my Lvl 3 & 5 and about to wrap up my Lvl 6 in Logistics and Transport through the Business School. I can confirm that they are a first class organisation, who have regularly went above and beyond to assist me in my learning and assignment submissions. The highest compliment I can pay is, a friend of mine, is completing his Lvl 3 through another organisation and i wish we had spoken earlier as I would have recommended the Business School and he would be avoiding the issues he is encountering.”

“The learning provider’s setting up/admin process was swift and straightforward. The tutors were brilliant and always helpful.”

“Excellent package of study. I like the way the tutor guided me when I asked for help.”

“The training was excellent and very educational and essential for my career.”

“I think this course has helped me think about my current job a lot and made me more aware of things I never thought about.”

“Once I got into more of the research and understanding of the subject, it was enjoyable.  Feedback and questions to my tutor was very helpful.”

“It has been a very good experience for me. Tutor knowledge is immense in the subject and always ready to assist you if assistance is required. Also, submission is graded and feedback is also provided within time.”

“Fantastic learning and development course, allowing my own time for research etc, with the support of tutors available for every module.”

“The distance learning is great, with my day job I think I would find it hard to commit to a college course, so this is a great advantage.”

“It was hard to initially start the module but had some great feedback and help which helped me get started. I Have had some great communication throughout this first module, and have recommended the course to others.”

“The research project of the course I found most useful as I was focused on finding solutions to unearthed business problems. Perennial business issues relating to staffing, employee performance, mitigating business forces, finance, customer service and innovation all had to be examined proving a comprehensive assessment forming a solid basis for mitigation.”

“The range of questions provided me with a good balance of varying models and theories which is an excellent baseline for applications to my existing environment. I was particularly fond of the ethical considerations to business management.”

“This module has developed my commercial awareness immensely, complementary to my work experience, it has opened up a new modern perspective to business management with exposure to varying methodologies and theories. This module truly engenders the candidate to a commercial perspective and to business situations.”

“I wish to thank my tutor. His prompt, professional and knowledgeable advice not only made this an interesting learning experience but a thoroughly enjoyable one.”

“I have been a working as a Facilities Manager for the past 4 years, it’s always good to test yourself to see what knowledge you do have about the role you are delivering, these courses give you the opportunity to do that plus it also highlights / refreshes areas that are less frequent in your day to day role.”

“It is honest and very simple to say that this course takes me deeply in my field and I learned a lot to keep improving myself.”

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