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Studying With The Business School UK

What is it like studying with The Business School UK?

Here are 3 key things that learners have said about our distance learning courses:

An easy to follow format

Challenging but enjoyable

Fantastic support & advice

How does it work?

Getting Started

Get in touch with us via email or a call to find out which course is the right one for you. Create an account on our VLE and enrol on the course from where you have access to everything you need and can start straight away. It's easy to get started. Our courses are studied online which means you can study when and where it most suitable for you.

Learning Materials

We provide all the learning materials that you need to complete the course, which you can compliment with from given reading lists and your own research. Our learning materials and assignments are provided in pdf format. This means you can read them directly from the VLE, save them off onto your PC or device, or print off. This makes study flexible wherever you are.

Expert Tutor Support

Our professional CILT and IWFM courses are fully supported by our expert tutors. All you need to do is to message the tutor via our virtual learning environment with what you need assistance on. The tutor will then get back to you via the most appropriate method, message, email or a call. They will provide full feedback for assignments once marked.

Technical Assistance

Our friendly technical assitance is on hand to help you get started if required. From creating an account and enrolling on a course, to help uploading an assignment. The virtual learning environment also has a Complete Site Guide with step by step instructions, which can be referenced at any time.


Our professional CILT and IWFM courses have one assessment per unit. Each assessment is via a written assignment. These assignments are completed in your own time. All units need to be completed within the registration period with the awarding organisation. The number of units to be completed depend on the qualification and is between 1 and 6 units. The registration period depends on the course and is between 1 and 3 years.


When you have successfully completed the course subject to quality assurance procedures, we will complete all the necessary checks and work with CILT and IWFM to get your qualification certificates direct to you.  This quality assurance and certification processes can take up to 3 months, as both CILT and IWFM are monitored by the Government and therefore are very vigorous in their processes.  This shows the value of your professional qualification and makes it well worth working for.

Study in your own time, at your own pace, to your own schedule

Study anywhere, online, save the documents to your PC, or print them

Receive timely, expert tutor support, you are not alone in your studies

Your tutor

We understand that the thought of studying online can be daunting. However, it need not be. Studying with us means you will never be alone. We are on hand to provide guidance with all aspects of your course. This starts with providing advice, if you need it, on selecting the right course and units for you, continuing with our ongoing expert tutor support all the way through until you finish your course. Our expert tutors are also not tied to a geographical location, which means we can provide you with the best support when and where you need it.

Our virtual learning environment

Our VLE is simple and intuitive to use and is a dedicated platform for all our online courses. Navigate to your course and follow the instructions on the courses introduction page. A full site guide is provided, but if you did need any assistance our friendly and knowledgeable technical support is on hand to help you.

Cost effective new skills

Studying online is a cost effective way to develop the right skills for today’s workplace. These skills can, for example: improve career prospects, grow personal capabilities, improve effectiveness and give increased confidence and self-worth.

What can you expect upon completion of a course?

Here are 3 key feedback points that we've had from learners after completing their course:

Broadened understanding

Relevant to day to day work

More confidence

Testimonials from our learners

Brilliant feedback and advice

Brilliant feedback and advice throughout all phase of signing up and units, couldn't recommend it anymore, very easy to follow.

Relevant to my day to day work

All the unit content are relevant to my day to day work. I should encourage my mates to get on the course.

Learning materials were fantastic

Some of the topics in the assignment were brand new to me, however, the information in the learning materials were fantastic and guided me through.

The format is easy to follow

This is a great course, the format is easy to follow and in a logical order and has actually helped me put some of the things in my day to day job into practice.

It has prepared me well

The unit has enlightened me into managerial roles and different aspects involved in it. It has prepared me well for my career and the future.

Helen was always there to answer any queries

Also, I can't fault the assistance I received from Helen. She was always there to answer any queries I had and provided as much help as possible.

Level 3 to Level 5

I did my level 3 and then went on to do my level 5. The amount of help I received from my tutor was amazing and what I learnt linked to my military environment perfectly.

Prepared me for challenges in the future

This unit has really prepared me for the challenges in the future. It has also helped me with the tools to mange supply chain any where in the world.

Developed my commercial awareness

This unit has helped me develop my commercial awareness by how setting clearly defined targets will give motivation to people within an organisation in order to measure their progression towards the set of targets.

Next Step

After completion, if you would like to take your learning further, speak to us about the next level of course.