Why a Qualification?

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Why a Qualification?

It is surprising how many times I hear the word ‘professional’ when I am assessing learning or delivering training. It always generates a certain amount of discussion as people’s understanding of the word differs. The actual definition according to Wikipedia is:

A professional is someone who has a specialised job which only very well trained people can perform – these occupations are known as professional occupations.

It is therefore logical if we aspire to a professional occupational, such as Logistics Manager or Facilities Manager that we obtain professional qualifications, awarded by the top bodies in the field, who have been developing professional standards in their field for many years.

Moreover, the bodies that The Business School are approved by are also membership organisations, setting standards for the profession through their membership grades, ranging from Member to Fellow, all of which are aligned to professional qualifications.

At every level, you can be confident that you are being assessed against those benchmarks to advance your career.

Professional qualifications provide a clear framework for professional development in your career and demonstrate to others, including potential employers, where you sit in that framework. Qualifications add considerable value and demonstrate your commitment to professional development, and enable you to get ahead and achieve a benchmark of excellence in your industry.

Whether you’re looking to gain professional recognition of your knowledge and experience, enhance your career opportunities, or just learn something new, achieving a qualification offers you the opportunity to gain professional recognition to advance you in your career.

Each qualification has been designed and developed by experienced practitioners, so the content is relevant and the knowledge you gain is immediately transferable to your workplace. And they are respected around the world.

The qualifications we offer meet the regulatory requirements of The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), so you can be assured of high quality. Our learner feedback particularly highlights the level of support from our tutors, all of whom are professionals in their own right.

Whether you are starting out or already have several years’ experience, you can choose a qualification at the correct level for you.  There are different levels of qualifications, and we deliver from Level 2 through to Level 6.  The Business School has developed a guide to help you understand the qualification levels HERE.

Most of our qualification courses offer a choice of optional units aimed at various areas of specialism.

What’s in it for you?

  • Better placed for career progression
  • Demonstrable commitment to professional development
  • Build capability
  • Build earning potential
  • Achieve a nationally and internationally recognised qualification
  • Improve confidence and enhance credibility in the workplace
  • Acquire knowledge and skills aligned to professional standards

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