First Success Through VLE – October 2015

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The Business School has this year forged strong links with the Royal Logistic Corps and particularly with the Logistic Specialist trade, and we are very happy to report the first successful learner through the programme. The programme is set up to take full advantage of previous military training and thus save time, money, energy for serving regular and reservists RLC personnel. This is a ‘win-win’ situation for all concerned. RLC support their personnel through their professional development – military personnel gain professional qualifications at a much lower cost and they can learn at their own pace.

We send congratulations to the first person who has successfully completed his CILT Level 3 Certificate in Logistics and Transport through this route. He took just over 2 months to complete this course, after completing the Logistics Specialist Supply Class 1 (level 3) in 2013. He successfully completed assignments covering Business Theory, Business Application and Warehousing, which were assessed by Business School assessors and verifiers. Although still awaiting final CILT confirmation, this is a great achievement!

This shows just how quickly and easily a professional qualification, globally recognised by industry, can be achieved by RLC personnel through this programme, especially set up to meet their needs. Our successful student shares his thoughts:

“I recently completed my CILT Level 3 certificate course through the VLE. I would like to say that the course is well delivered and engaging, pace was perfect and the tutors were accessible, interactive and knowledgeable. The course is designed in such a way to engage and bring out the best in you. The confidence and passion I gained through the course has derived me to submit an application to study Logistics and Transport (first degree) in the next academic year. I also look forward to advancing my professional qualification through the VLE. I thought the whole course from start to finish was challenging but interesting and will be a massive help to me going forward in my Logistics career. I would like to encourage all those pursuing courses through VLE to give extra and achieve their objective.”

We provide our courses via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Our VLE allows serving personnel access to all the required material and assignments at any time and anywhere. It also allows them access to our expert tutors, all of whom have considerable expertise and military experience. They are also still in the industry and absolutely current in their knowledge.

We are an approved centre for The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK, which is the UK territorial body of CILT, and which has a presence in more than 30 countries across the world. All RLC learners on our courses become members of CILT and can therefore access this huge resource at no extra cost.

You can view our Virtual Learning Environment here: The Business School UK Virtual Learning Environment

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