A Quick Guide to Studying Online – On Your Own!

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Learning: Get more out of studying online

The Business School UK’s Operations Director, Helen Chambers shares some top tips for studying online.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your studies.

  • Identify a quiet place where you can study, and also spread out a bit – although you may be studying online, it is inevitable that you will have notes and bits of paper.
  • Keep your work secure – set up a separate folder on your system and ensure it is backed up regularly.
  • You have made a commitment – plan your work time in advance and allocate the time. Let others know that you have planned that quiet study time.
  • There are no deadlines within our courses – some work better with deadlines set, so if you are one of those, set yourself your own deadlines.
  • As you read materials, take your own notes – we all have our own methods for this, but ensure you have some way of storing your notes logically so you can refer back to them.
  • Work out when you work best – we are all different so ensure you are energised to work and make the most of the time you have allocated.
  • Use your support network – we have tutors to help, as well as an admin office.
  • Are there any other social networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+? We have a dedicated Facebook group for our learners, to get support and advice from other people in similar situations.
  • Practice active reading – scan and skim, question (who, what, where, when, how, why), read, remember and then commit to making your own notes based on your own understanding.
  • Apply your learning to what you know – your own notes help you remember facts, key concepts and bring ideas together but to really ‘get it’ you need to think about how it would apply to you, your unit and your colleagues.
  • Use tools – for example, mind maps, tables, diagrams, arrows. Whether you do this on the screen or on paper is up to you, whichever you feel comfortable with.

And remember that acknowledging the source of the quotation is an important part of report writing.

A more extensive Study Guide is available on our Virtual Learning Environment: Study Guide

Studying online with The Business School

If you are studying via The Business School Virtual Learning Environment, Our VLE, you are not on your own! You have access to your tutor via email, telephone and Skype, as well as the Admin office at: training@thebusinessschool.uk.com. We also have a dedicated Facebook page for our students, and a general public page here: The Business School UK Ltd for general information. I wish you ever success in your studies, and remember there are people to help you – your tutor, the office, the Knowledge Centre of CILT (UK) and other forums and faculties.

Free Guide

Print off our Quick Guide to Studying Online PDF, created for you in A4 format. With one half for your own notes and the other as shown below, you can fold in half to create a handy guide.

Studying Online On your Own Essentials Printable.pdf


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