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The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) has rebranded this November (2018) to the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM).

“The BIFM is now the IWFM. We have incorporated workplace into our new brand so that we can raise the status of our profession and help you take your career further, regardless of your specialism.”

More information on IWFM is found here on their website: IWFM

To discover what this means take a look at this IWFM article and video: Whys-wise: the five ‘whys’ of IWFM by Linda Huasmanis, Chief Executive Office: Whys-wise

It covers their five whys:

  • Why 1 – Embracing workplaces – a real opportunity to recognise and explore the value of workplace and facilities management in a twenty first century knowledge economy.
  • Why 2 – Influence – by including workplace so that focus becomes how to drive real value.
  • Why 3 – Inspire – to meet the challenges of today’s employers.
  • Why 4 – Career – making workplace and facilities management a career choice and bridge a skills gap.
  • Why 5 – Potential – to raise the esteem of workplace and facilities management as a profession in its own right.

IWFM have published their 10 ten-point plan for their first year, which is found here: ten-point plan

More information about the IWFM courses that we provide is found here: IWFM Courses

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