David’s Record Breaking Escapades

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David Ockleton Record Breaking Loops

David Ockleton The Business Schools Business Development Director set a new British record for the number of aircraft loops completed in one hour.

A new British record of 132 loops in one hour was set, as recognised by the Royal Aero Club. The event took place at Henstridge airfield on the 17th November 2018. The loops were completed in a specially built Christen Eagle 2 with a 200mph Lycoming engine.

David said it was “knackering!”

This was a sponsored event for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and The Business School was one of the sponsors.

David says, “Next year there is another record planned, possibly the maximum aircraft formation loop. Presently this stands at 22 Hawker Hunter jests. Going for 30 aircraft. Anyone fancy a go?” If you do, get in touch via our Get in Touch page.