Royal Logistic Corps Open Day

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The Business School UK at the Royal Logistic Corps Open Day on the 4th July 2015

We had a good day at the open day and it was a great opportunity for us to meet up with those in the RLC who were able to attend. We were able to share more information about our courses and what we are able to do for RLC personnel, particularly Logistics Specialists and Movement Controllers. We know that many RLC personnel were unable to attend, therefore please find below some basic info on what we offer.

We provide CILT (UK) courses optimised for the RLC, which means that you only study the parts you need to, saving you time and money. They are provided via our Virtual Learning Environment in a self study format, which is fully supported by expert tutors, who are there for you when you need them. We know how busy you are and this format means that you study when you have time, at your own pace and with no time limit for finishing the course. All training materials are included and assessment is via assignment or online tests, which are completed at any time, with no time restrictions, and no formal exam is required.

We currently provide the following courses via our Virtual Learning Environment:

  • CILT (UK) Level 2 Logistics Specialist (RLC)
  • CILT (UK) Level 3 Logistics Specialist (RLC)
  • CILT (UK) Level 5 Logistics Specialist Supply (RLC)

Courses coming soon on our Virtual Learning Environment are:

  • CILT (UK) Level 3 Movement Controller (RLC)
  • CILT (UK) Level 5 Movement Controller (RLC)

You can view our Virtual Learning Environment here: The Business School UK Virtual Learning Environment

If you would like more information, please contact us by email or telephone:


Telephone: 0116 367 4858

We look forward to hearing from you, Helen and David

RLC Open Day 2015 SmallRLC Open Day, from left to right: David Ockleton (Business Development Director), Helen Chambers (Operations Director), WO1 Conductor Gavin Emmerson (COWO), WO1 David McNeill (Senior Training Supply Operations Division)