CILT(UK) Membership

CILT Membership Information

The CILT(UK) courses that we provide include registration with CILT(UK). However, CILT(UK) no longer include complimentary Learner Affiliate membership with registrations.

Membership with CILT(UK), which is optional, is an additional cost and is not included in the courses that we provide. Please contact CILT(UK) directly regarding membership.

CILT(UK) have provided the following information about their membership.

Joining CILT(UK) offers Learners an unrivalled opportunity to advance their career.
Our exclusive range of Member benefits include:

  • professional recognition through achievement of our assessed membership grades including Chartered Member (CMILT) status
  • improved career prospects via our career development platform (CILTSuccess!), Jobs Board and Mentoring Service
  • improved career opportunities via our tailored professional development training courses and globally-recognised qualifications
  • access to a powerful network of contacts via our national conferences, specialist Forums and National/Regional events
  • the latest news and insights from industry experts via monthly Logistics & Transport Focus magazine and access to our highly-regarded Knowledge Centre
  • access to an exclusive range of health, well-being, lifestyle benefits and the reassurance of free legal advice
  • discounts on CILT(UK) conferences, events, courses, monthly publications and specialist books

By engaging with us, Learners will benefit from:

  • Connection – we help you to build powerful communities of like-minded professionals
  • Professional voice – we help you get your messages heard by key influencers Professional recognition – we promote your commitment and achievements to employers
  • Personal development – we support you to achieve your career goals

Learner Student Membership Offer

CILT(UK) are currently offering all learners registered on a CILT(UK) Regulated Qualification the option of a reduced rate Student Membership of £29 per annum, this is a £10 reduction on the standard fee of £39 per annum.

Learners can apply for Membership by either visiting the CILT(UK) website or calling Membership Services on 01536 740104, quoting our Centre Name (The Business School (UK)) and Promotional Code: CILTAO.

Military Learner Membership Offers

CILT(UK) currently has an agreement that offers the following subsidised membership for MOD personnel. This is currently valid from March 2019 – February 2020.

Product Explanatory Notes
Subsidised MOD Non-Assessed Grade Membership For MOD staff the CILT would offer E-Membership (equivalent to Affiliate grade membership) at a cost of £22.00 for the first year and £32.00 for subsequent years.
E-Membership usually costs £65 per year.
Subsidised MOD Assessed Grade Membership For MOD staff the CILT would offer a 20% subsidy on Assessed Grades of Membership.

More information about this is found on the following page: MOD Personnel.

Please contact Membership Services on 01536 740104 for further information.