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The Logistics Industry really is truly Global!

We cannot help but be aware of the global impact of the pandemic, and the effect on the global supply chains.  This is big business and will only get bigger!

We will begin to see the emergence of much-awaited trade deals as the world begins to open up again – an example is A trade deal between Britain and New Zealand which could see both countries ditch tariffs as high as 10 per cent on a range of high-quality products. The UK’s world-famous fashion industry sold £30m-worth of clothes to New Zealand last year.  Cars are the UK’s biggest export to New Zealand, with £133 million-worth sold last year.[i]

Supply  chains  will  potentially  be  impacted  by factors  in  the  developing  world,  including  the  expansion  of  Chinese  influence,  conflict  zones and natural disasters.[ii]

“The big players are planning ahead.”

Logistics UK Report 2020 shows that goods exported from the UK to the rest of the world increased by 13.6% in 2019, and those imported to the UK increased by 6%.  This trend has been in a steady increase since 2016 and can only continue.

The big players are planning ahead – with the acquisition of Global Integrated Logistics, DSV becomes a global top-three player in the freight forwarding industry with an expected combined revenue of roughly $26 billion and 75,000 employees worldwide.  “Our future will be built around businesses, technology and investment that expand access to global trade and make supply chains faster, smarter, greener, fairer and more efficient and resilient.”[iii]

It does not need much imagination to realise the potential this could mean to your career in global logistics.

“Delivered via our highly renowned Virtual Learning Environment – this means you can study anywhere, any time.  You get full expert tutor support and you only need to complete one assignment per Award.”

The CILT(UK) Level 3 Award in Global Logistics could place you ahead of the game when employers are looking to man this revolution, and opportunities are already emerging.  As highlighted in our previous blog [iv], Award-sized qualifications are affordable, short programmes but fully recognised by Government and employers alike.  The Level 3 Award in Global Logistics from The Business School are delivered via our highly renowned Virtual Learning Environment – this means you can study anywhere, any time.  You get full expert tutor support and you only need to complete one assignment per Award.

This method of study is also part of an upward trend  – according to the CILT Vision, “by  2035,  professional  education  in  transport  and  logistics  will  be  networked  and  mobile. Virtual  learning  will  be  fast,  flexible  and  interactive.  Learning  will  be  delivered  in  small  chunks to  people  wherever  they  are.” This is exactly what we at The Business School are already doing.  This means you can study in a way that suits you – your time, your learning style, your location, your device.  You always have access to the materials for reference.  You can plan your own learning, access tutor support to suit your lifestyle.

Have a look at our Award in Global Logistics – it might just change your life!

The CILT(UK) Level 3 Award in Global Logistics provides knowledge and understanding of current trade patterns and the structure and operation of global and multi-national trade, business and supply chains. It includes economic, environmental, cultural, political, and ethical issues and moves on to address how global trade is regulated, constrained, controlled and monitored across all major modes of transport.

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