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The Business School UK is a first-class professional development provider, delivering the highest calibre of training to the highest standards.

That gives our clients a unique advantage. We build on academic achievements and professional attainment, exploring key theories, tools and techniques. We can develop bespoke training based on client needs and requirements, either through discussion or a more formal Training Needs Analysis. We are also able to provide coaching and mentoring, strategy development and consultancy.

We provide training and qualifications to corporate organisations, individuals and graduates both in the UK and internationally. We offer credible, professional delivery, quality assurance and administration to national and international audiences in the UK and overseas.

Our comprehensive spread of complementary skills and experience includes logistics and management training, business development, quality assurance, inspection and moderation, assessment and verification, strategy and business planning, and administration.

The Business School UK work in partnership with other organisations so that we can deliver qualifications that are recognised globally.