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We are currently looking to fill a number of vacancies:

  • Leadership and management apprenticeship assessor and verifier positions
  • Level 2 Apprecenticeship Assessors (Signallers/Communications Specialists)
  • Facilities Management Assessors and Verifiers

For full details of these positions see below.



We have been running as an on-line and face to face training provider to commercial and public sector concerns for three years.  We have now moved into apprenticeship delivery and have achieved some startling success.  To this end, we need Apprentice Assessors for Facilities Management able to start in Sep 17, across all regions, and also potential trainers and assessors for BIFM programmes.

They are required around the country, but they will be allocated a region within which to work.  Candidates must be able to drive, work alone and with others, and have the ability to sort out their own diary within an overall framework.

Assessors and verifiers will be on contract for a year, but it is anticipated this will roll onto further years.

Pay scales are still under negotiation, but they will be advantageous, rather better than the typical assessor in FE/HE colleges.  Our approach is to recruit and retain high quality people, and one way to do this is to pay a satisfactory amount to our contractors.

The learning journey is defined as completing two BIFM qualifications, plus the development of a portfolio of evidence, and regular reviews with apprentice and line manager.

The assessors will work to a general timetable but it is up to them to determine the day-to-day schedule and maintain contact with apprentice, employer and The Business School UK.

Apprentices will be generally well motivated and will not cause problems, but it will fall to the assessor to highlight issues when they arise.

Assessors will be contractors/associates of The Business School (UK) Ltd and responsible for their own invoicing, tax, national insurance and be expected to carry professional indemnity insurance.

Contract rates will be paid at a set rate per apprentice.  Payment will be on a monthly basis.

To express your interest in this opportunity, please supply your CV to helen@thebusinessschool.uk.com.  Ensure that your location is included on the CV, as well as your relevant experience specifically working on BIFM qualifications and/or apprenticeships.

LEVEL 2 APPRENTICESHIP ASSESSORS (Signallers/Communications Specialists)

Location England and Scotland – all regions

The role is for a qualified assessor to assist in the delivery of Level 2 Apprenticeships across the UK.  Each assessor will be given a region within which to work.  It will involve face-to-face workshops in regional centres, followed by assessment of candidates both remotely and on site. The assessment process is well established and assessors must have ready access to the Internet.  They must also have a car and licence to drive.

Candidates must be qualified Signallers/Communications specialists, and assessor qualified with either D32/33 or A1 awards.

There is a requirement for 4-6+ assessors, able to start in Sep 17.  The contract is for one year, though opportunities for the extension of the contract for further years are good.  Furthermore, the opportunity to deliver training and assessment in other occupational areas exist and will be a growing requirement.

The work will be both intensive and rewarding.  Standardisation training will be provided to each assessor and there will be regular contact with clients.  The activity will be broadly timetabled, though assessors have considerable scope to determine their own detailed work arrangements.

A further opportunity exists for an Internal Verifier with Signals/Communications experience, to be discussed with potential candidates.

Further questions please contact David on 07738 627141



We have been running as an on-line and face to face training provider to the commercial and public sector for three years. This year we have moved into apprenticeship delivery, and due to this success we are looking to recruit a number of assessors and verifiers to work with us in this.

We are looking for Apprentice Assessors and Verifiers for Leadership and Management Levels 3 and 5 who are able to start in 2017, across the country. Successful candidates will be allocated a region within which to work.

The job will require you to:

  • Work alone and with others.
  • Have the ability to sort out your own diary within an overall framework, as well as attending specified training days.
  • Highlight any issues that arise, if required.
  • Be able to drive, with your own car and a clean driving license.

The learner journey for the two levels of apprenticeship include specific ILM qualifications:

  • ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management
  • ILM Level 3 Diploma for Managers
  • ILM set assessments
  • Development of a portfolio of evidence
  • Professional Discussions
  • Regular reviews with apprentice and line manager

The initial contract will be for one year, but it is anticipated that this will roll onto further years. The apprenticeship is anticipated to take 2.5 years to complete overall.

You will be responsible for your own invoicing, tax, national insurance and have your own professional indemnity insurance.

Pay scales will be competitive and more advantageous than the typical assessor in FE/HE colleges. The contract rates will be paid at a set rate per apprentice with payment being on a monthly basis.

If you are an experienced and qualified leadership and management assessor and/or verifier please send your CV to helen@thebusinessschool.uk.com. It is important that you include your location on the CV; due to the regional aspect to this job. Also include your relevant experience, specifically working on ILM Level 3 and 5 qualifications.

We look forward to hearing from you. Helen Chambers (Operational Director) and David Ockleton (Business Development Director)